By | May 18, 2012

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I’m building a lovely lil strat that I’m aiming for maximum flexibility.  I’m using SD pups and some other products from there, along with other odds and ends.  The goal is to have a 5 way super switch that cycles the pickups somewhat normally, and to have three P/P pots, which insert the bridge, neck and a black ice circuit on each of the three.

The blocks next to the pickups are the SD Triple Shot pickup rings that allow coil splitting and parallel/serial options.

The goal on the push/pull pickup inserts was that if I am in position 1 and want all three pickups in play, I can pull the bridge P/P and have all three.  Same with   the rest for the neck inserts (to use all three pups fully in slot 3)…

On the five way setup, I wanted to use the north coil of the lil Pearly Gates (middle) in position 2 and the south in position 4 – that’s the idea anyway….