By | August 31, 2016

It’s a horror show for some and an intriguing idea for others. How would you feel about the ability to only eat one food for the rest of your life? I know some foodies who would jump off the tallest building if that reality set in and was truly their fate.

For me, this has actually been somewhat of a reality for the past several years. I have a funky stomach and a medication regime that makes the basic process of ‘doing business’ a challenge. If I find a pattern that makes regularity a reality, I’m there no matter what.

My choice is pizza – it’s the perfect food. You can cover most of the food groups in one pie. You can order it from a pizza place or (my favorite) have it at home as a homemade dish. It works for breakfast (although I do stray from the purity of this idea and eat meal bars for that meal) and as I don’t eat lunch the pizza for dinner is a perfect solution to the growling in my belly. This has been the pattern for the past three years and I see no reason to make a change. I look forward to the pizza smell wafting from the oven and the sound of the pizza wheel cutting through the crust.

Just this evening my loving spouse announced the pizza wheel needed to be sharpened. Enough said, right? Luckily, my skill set is quite a bit larger than my eating habits and that wheel will be sharp enough to chop a few more years worth of pizza. Weight has remained constant, oh by the way – regular habits make for stable stats.