By | September 23, 2010

There’s a misnomer related to being involved with the political system- here are some ways you can show support for a candidate running for office.

  • Give a little or a lot, but give  (Sadly, until money goes away or laws eliminate political spending, part of the campaign process requires funding)
  • Tweet, post and speak you mind in the social media
  • Put a sign in your yard
  • Talk you your friends and family- nothing partisan but about character and the need for honor in office
  • Give of your time and skills – campaigns are no different than other endeavours
  • Be a poll monitor
  • Become a precinct capitan
  • Support your candidate at the polls on election day and during early voting
  • Attend events rallying support for your candidate

More than any of those small sampling of ideas, register to vote and show up at the polls on election day.  You can do that here ( or at your local State Board of Elections website and office.  In NC, the registration deadline is 25 days before an  election so get you butt into gear and flex your liberty and freedom.  A pathetic 38% historical turnout is due entirely to apathy and we can no longer afford the luxury of standing idly by.