By | November 22, 2016

I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks, like everyone has!  I have observed the response of our larger community and have been considering the feedback that has been provided from various groups from the spectrum of ideas.  I have a few thoughts which shall be forthwith ignored, but I feel compelled to share them.

  1. Relax! Stress feeds more stress.  Break the cycle; chill out however you can (preferably without alcohol or additional chemicals but if that’s the only way, so be it).
  2. Recognize that fears are RARELY realized. Think back on things you’ve mortally feared and overcome.  Treat this time like that.  Your feelings are ‘real’ but almost certainly not ‘true’.
  3. Resist the urge to run out and protest. Remember the ‘groupthink’ description in Psych 101 – putting yourself in that echo chamber will not promote rational thought.  That environment is designed to specifically not support rational thought.  If you do protest, do so responsibly.  Free speech is the most precious natural right we have.  It comes with responsibility.
  4. Do your own homework. “Trump will roll back LGBTQ rights” – “Trump will deport my mommy”.  These statements do not reflect the actions of the POTUS-Elect. Trump has supported the LGBTQ Community.  He also has stated he’s a proponent of an originalist vie w of the Constitution which places the States of the Union FIRST on just about everything.   This would mean that issues that the Supreme Court has forced on the States could be rolled back as a correction of federal power in opposition of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.  Criminal aliens (beyond the act of illegal entry) are the target of his illegal immigration deportation.  To do more would violate a tenant this man has lived by, which is…
  5. “Do what’s good for business and win.” Deporting law abiding and tax paying “undocumented immigrants” is not good for the business of the country.  Violating common sense LGBTQ civil agreements is not good for business.  Building a wall is.  Renegotiating trade deals is.  Allowing healthcare to be a free market enterprise (largely) is.  There are enough problems in Washington in terms of ‘draining the swamp’ that President Trump will be focused on.  He’s not going to target enemies.  That’s not good for business.  Look at his meeting schedule in the transition.  People who HATE him are being considered for cabinet positions.  He does what is good for business.
  6. IGNORE the media. They are dead.  The spawning of their replacement will be ugly.  It’ll take effort to find the truth in that environment.  Use your gut and if you haven’t trained yourself to do that yet, this is a great opportunity to do so. Sensational headlines (on both sides) are usually hype.

I have a great deal of hope for the future.  I believe that our future holds great promise for everyone.  I hope that LGBTQ folks celebrate constitutional wins for Christian folks.  I hope Christian folks celebrate common sense constitutional wins for LGBTQ folk. Ditto different races, creeds, etc.  I believe we’re entering a time where we respect one another and have great hope because the only hope we have.  Our differences are such a small percentage of what make us human that it would be a catastrophe to continue the divisive and dangerous attacks on one another.  I love everyone, truly.  My dark skinned brothers and sisters, my gay brothers and sisters.  My Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters.  Deep down, don’t you too?  If not today, I hope you’ll find that place in you that can love everyone soon.  It’s the future – it has to be.