By | September 15, 2010

First off, if you are reading this post and have hatred in your heart for one party or another, you’re probably in the wrong place.  You’ve been forewarned….

There was a quote recently by a talking head on CNN – the quote (paraphrased) was, “He’s worse than a racist; he’s a libertarian”.  This person was speaking of Rand Paul, of whom I knew little about until he was propelled onto the national scene through his primary win in Kentucky.

The first thought that I had was, ‘What an idiotic premise – that a person was worse than a racist (pretty damn bad from my perspective) because they believed in a set of political principles.”  I was sufficiently interested to make myself aware of the range of modern American political process.  Here I share with you what I learned.

There are two primary groups that drive the discussion in America – The Individualist and the Collectivist.   I am purposely avoiding party names as that reference is meaningless in today’s world.  From the Collectivist, the groups include Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Statist and any other line of thinking that posit the ‘State’ should be primarily responsible for the welfare and care of citizens in the country in question.  The Individualist brings in groups such as Libertarians, Conservatives and so called Independents who posit that individuals in a free society should be primarily responsible for the welfare of themselves and their families and communities.