By | March 4, 2014

Very rock & roll…

 In my experiences attending & watching concerts, I’d always looked and oogled the patch vests and the bands that the individual had on their backs.  I decided that I would take my DIY attitude and moxy and ‘gettirdun’.  


My first step was making that back-piece – a central theme of Motorhead and the snaggletooth meme with a twist from the original artist (Joe Petagno) was my choice.  I etched the template into leather, carved and tooled the surface and painted the piece (really pleased with how it turned out).  Riveted to the back of the vest (an Interstate Leather snap button piece) I then started collecting and sewing on the patches. 


The bands that I am really fond of (Rush, Motorhead, Metallica, AC/DC, Pantera, Iron Maiden and so on) were part of the mix.  There were other thematic bits I wanted to include – the sigil (best known as the Neubauten logo) smiley face bleeder, USMC & 2nd Amend support, radioactive symbol, biohazard and some other funny stuff…  And finally some bling with leather conchos, “metal jewelry” and a few gimp patches to speak to disability and pain peeps as well as the challenges that are overcome everyday.

Oh, and inside the lapel, there’s a Motorhead patch that is very R rated, so it’s under cover until time to ‘share’!


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