By | August 29, 2016

The dreamer finds himself swimming at the bottom of a carp pod who are all swimming and attempting to jump over the waterfall that separates them from the pool they are in and the level above them. Rocks and eddy currents attempt to thwart the koi but these creatures are not easily dissuaded once their minds fix on a task. A red koi takes the leap but doesn’t make it this time. No matter to the koi; It will try again and again.
Moving around the pool there is an open lotus with purple and orange petals
Another koi, this time blue with a pale underbelly takes his turn trying.
“Why do you try to leap to the next pond?” the dreamer wonders aloud..
The red koi swims over and says, “We must try to achieve; we know that we will rarely succeed but that doesn’t matter as much as the effort and intention behind the effort”.
“What do you hope to achieve?”
“Do you see the falls that are at this highest level? That is the ‘Dragons Gate’ and if one of us modest Koi make it over the Dragons Gate we instantly turn into a dragon.”
“A DRAGON?!” the dreamer exclaims – “how did this come to be?”
“No one truly knows why it happens or when it first started but the stories tell of the nature of the Koi as one who is stoic, fearless and unflinching in the face of the fisherman’s knife, the gods bestowed the transfiguration of the koi if it reached this most lofty goal.”
“How many Koi have you known to transform?”
“Just one, but it appears that I will see the movie second shortly – the green Koi is making the jump now. He is worthy and particularly tenacious despite his kind soul and gentle heart”.
“Who is he?” the dreamer asks…
“It is you, my friend – you have somehow transported yourself in this dream to witness your own transformation. It is very auspicious that this should happen this way.”
What??? the dreamer thought to himself – how the; nevermind – its a dream…
“OK – how long does the transformation take?” the dreamer asked the Koi.
“Watch…” and as the red koi signals to look upward, a magical shock wave rippled through air and water as the green Koi crossed the Dragons Gate threshold and almost instantly transformed into a green dragon. All the creatures in the ponds – the frog about halfway up and the turtle above it looked skyward and paid homage to the transformed creature. His name was SeiryĆ«-han and he magically flew to occupy his place in the protecting those who suffered through no fault of their own.