By | May 10, 2008

Thanks for dropping by to! This is a look into the world of my beautiful wife and I, our pets and our goings-on. Check us out; if you’d like to register please do. This is a personal website and I welcome my friends to join – Cheers!

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  1. Sharon McBride

    Hi Chris,,,,Met you in Raleigh….You told so many of us about your website. I have had great difficulties seeing Anything on your website. I get nothing. I have had several people say the same thing. It appears to be a nice website,,,,but EVERY picture is not there….. Probably some little thing missing……Can’t wait to se this site working!

  2. admin Post author

    Sharon, thank you so much for letting me know – I’m not sure what’s up just yet but I’ll email you once we’re back online. I think the template I’m using is having a problem. If you’re looking for pictures from the Raleigh show and other woodcarving pics, try

    I created this site for it to be the home page for the galleries of images from carvers in Raleigh and woodworkers from all over. Check that one out – it looks OK from my Internet Explorer version (and I know Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari all work).

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