By | June 22, 2009

There are always lots of questions about carving gouges and their sizes/profiles – here is a catalog from Stubai (available at Klingspors in Raleigh) that are very well made.

You can also look at the Woodcraft imported brand Pfiel (swiss made) gouges and chisels here:

Either article should show the profiles adequately to confuse the heck out of you and send your head spinning (or give you an idea of what you’d need to look at the next time you’re buying carving tools).

3 Replies to “Carving Tools – different types explained”

  1. connie johnson

    Hi! Woodcarver Lanny Mitchell carved a face in our tree for our daughter’s birthday. The tree has come down but we have the face – would you be interested in looking at it and possibly quoting helping preserve it and making it something we can keep in our home?

  2. crisradmin Post author

    Connie, I feel absolutely horrible that I have not responded until now. I’m the victim of way too many emails and this one was lost in the shuffle.

    Can you send me a picture of the tree that you’re referring to? I have done some similar work in the past but in my short-sighted sense I didn’t get pictures to show. Also, given the 6 weeks that have past I may have missed your daughter’s birthday but I want to make the attempt to check in.

    Hope you are well and I look forward to your response.

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