By | September 10, 2010

I’m sitting in my office and looking out the window.   The radio is on, there is a hummingbird hovering on the other side of the glass.  I hear a story come over the radio about the tragic crash of a plane.  The next is Senator Harry Reid saying “I cannot see how a Hispanic could be a Republican”.

That triggered a thought that festered.  I recalled a speaker I’d heard years before (Brian Tracy) who introduced the idea “You are what you think about most of the time”.  That got me thinking about the current origin based controversy and the race baiting that is so often associated with politics.  If you look at Charlie Rangle, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Harry Reid (and I could go on and on and on) – you can’t get through a news article without some mention of race being presented.  Incidentally many of the Democrats platform planks would be much to do about nothing in a color blind world.

If you speak with politicians who are actually focused on legislation and problem solving, you find that there are rarely mentions of skin color or country of origin during the discourse.  The example I find most striking today is Eric Cantor, who delivers the message in an articulate manner and makes a strong case with facts.  Apparently, Mr Cantor is focused on solving problems most of the time – it is what his personal presentation provides.    When talking head debates are  presented, invariably the left leaning speaker starts with an issue but turns to race, religion or class baiting and the right leaning speaker attempts to speak about the issue while fielding accusations of racism.  The progressives in the Democratic party in particular seem obsessed with race and racism.  They see racists everywhere.   Sadly the facts do not bear out the accusations.  The facts are as follows:

  • The United States consists of approx. 72% white, 12.4% black, 4.4% Asian and 15% Hispanic. (Wikipedia)
  • Between 1998 and 2008, hate crimes were nearly identical statistically, with 51% race related, 19.5% religion related and 16.7% sexual-orientation related.  7700-7800 incidents were reported in both years. (FBI reports)
  • There were 1,382,012 violent criminal offenses reported by the FBI in 2008 – 1.4 Million.  Hate crimes makeup 0.005643% of all violent crimes.

The general narrative the Mass Media/Mainstream Media/State-Controlled Media perpetrates is that America is still a racist, bigoted nation.  The facts show that narrative is dead wrong.  America is not perfect – we are not free of character defects and problematic characters that will always be in the community.  But America is working on our failings; whites are bending their realities to more than accommodate the media’s rants, blacks are willing to accept that not all whites are suspect and must be kept at arms length and so on.  We are making the effort and culture cannot be legislated; it must evolve.

Conservatives have a natural weakness politically: we shy away from visceral conflict, name calling and charges in lieu of arguing facts and fighting in the arena of ideas.  Progressives and leftists (anarchists, socialists, marxists) have no such concerns about truth and facts.  Their approach follows media advertising principles of develop the message, make sure its got a hook in that message, and beat it to death attempting to smear, defame and sensationalize anything they think will stick to the wall.  Take Arizona;  those who believe in the rule of law supported SB1070 peacefully – those who disliked the law recruited union members and organized single issue groups to descend on Arizona and create chaos and strife.  Why?

Because the progressive thought leads them to conclude they cannot reach their goals without the use of stupid human tricks and gimmicks.  “Never let a crisis go to waste”, Pelosi’s perp walk for Obamacare, ground zero mosque, etc et al.  Their utopia is not acceptable to the mainstream of America and they believe the American people must be presented a choice as the Germans were presented in the 30s.  Out of crisis comes the foundation for their new utopia, and they attempt in every avenue to create violence and anarchy.

But Progressives are losing their foothold as the average momma-bear wakes from their slumber intellectually and begins to see the world today.  They don’t accept the story and are digging in.  Beware of bad actors crying wolf so the crisis created can be leveraged.


One final thought: saw a documentary on NatGeoWild – the natural weakness of conservatives is akin to the hibernation of a grizzly bear.  During hibernation the bear’s heart rate drops to 15 beats per minute and uses just half of the heart at that.  When awaken from their slumber, the heart resumes its normal 70 bpm and full utilization.  Conservatives find conflict distasteful and uncomfortable – but when prodded to wake we will rise and flex our strength.  No one finds themselves comfy in the presence of a grizzly bear – and the progressives, liberals and establishment naysayers are losing their minds as if they stumbled upon a hungry, angry bear.  In analogy, they have done just that.