Transformational Tattoos by J Cris Rogers

Transformational Tattoos – available here and at for physical copies.

J Cris Rogers is not really supposed to be here. Every day is like a cheat.  I was 10.5 months inside mom; strike one.  I was born with the cord wrapped around my neck several times and almost didn’t start breathing on my own; strike two. I was born with multiple birth defects, strange and rare, and lost 50% of my 8lbs 9ozs 9 month weight; strike three.  These TKO’s left some indelible marks on my body and brain, resulting in chronic pain starting at 14 yrs of age.

Transformational Tattoos is the true story of life between 2008 and 2017.  I was making the most I’d ever earned and was quite miserable. This story is how the decade unfolded; how the quest for relief from the pain ended in relinquishing control. How ‘following my bliss’ has allowed me to strengthen my protection against the ills of pain. How being a renegade guided me to stop and smell the roses. How applying pigment into my skin has transformed my skin and my nature.

Travel into the blackness of depression, pain and a spiritual labyrinth and come with me on a trip out of that singularity into a spiritual nebula filling me with wonder. Climb out of that labyrinthine mine-shaft with me into a spiritual place that understands the truths surrounding the mystery of life and my place in it.

“Having understanding in your mind isnʹt as important as your heart.” (Cris Rogers)