Given my physical self is defective and presents challenges to my walk, I have intensely searched for a way through the spirit to soothe and calm my mind from the waves of pain that lap upon the beach.  I see this as a process of picking up shells on the beach and asking whether inspecting the shell and getting at its nature provides that calming effect.  I believe in Yahweh and his son Jesus that came to our realm to provide salvation to men that had faith in his message.  I also practice (as a newcomer) meditation and following the Dharma of the Buddhist tradition.  When I picked up the shell that asked me to accept responsibility for my actions and to realize that my reality is generated in my own actions.  Through meditation I did find the calming ‘feeling’ that I was seeking.

Through reading and watching programs about the path Buddha presented long ago I am convinced that my faith as a Christian is not compromised or threatened through the practice of seeking enlightenment.  Based on my knowledge and understanding, God provided all the tools and other minds that I would encounter – the choices that I make however craft my reality.  My faith seeks to be a person who follows directions that come from God and someone who will be accepted into the afterlife as one who can enter “heaven”.  My mind however is affected by the world that is around me and the choices that I have made (both now and in the past).  The choices that I make, if they are mindful and deliberate, will make the calm intensify and will make my mind more focused on helping others and providing compassionate love to everyone.

I believe that my time here on the third rock from the sun is precious and I can make more of it ‘if’ I can truly walk the path.  I resolve to daily.

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