About Cris:

I’m a goofy geek with a jacked up body; I’m an artist and artisan; I’m positive and happy, despite tribulations.  I am a walking, talking paradox.

Born in TN to incredibly caring and gifted parents, I came out of the womb much as I am today – physically messed up, a little late for the party and ‘spirited’.  I was diagnosed with Polands Syndrome, Sprengel’s Deformity and most recently, Cervial Dystonia (although I’m pretty sure I’ve always had CD (or idiopathic dystonia)).  I had a flap of skin attaching my right arm to my chest that was removed at 18 months.

About 16 years old, I started to experience pain in my neck and shoulder.  That’s progressively gotten worse since that point in time.  I am a walking, talking chemistry experiment with medication that helps me function (sometimes). And always in pain; sometimes a little and sometimes a whole lot – for a long time.

I met my wife at a summer camp for the arts 21 years ago and we’ve never been parted – she is my support, life crutch and partner through good and bad.  I love her with everything that I have +10%.  We’re unique and in our union we’ve crafted a bond that cannot be parted.

I found myself in business for myself as an IT Consultant, helping companies with big projects and gnarly software.  I love working for myself, or rather running a company, and it’s a large part of who I am and why I continue to push forward.

Brenda and I are dog peeps – we love BIG dogs.  Can’t ever live in an apartment again; not with Mastiffs, Great Danes and Golden Retrievers.

I love woodworking – especially carving.  Something about turning the exceptional from the ordinary makes me very happy.  I’d sell any of my work because I enjoy the process, not necessarily the end result (the piece on the wall).

I love music – disparate parts played together beautifully is the greatest sound I can hear.  The Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews Band, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and Dave Brubeck are some of my favs.

I must remain constantly ‘on’ – it isn’t likely I’ll be caught in a park taking in the beauty.  Not because I wouldn’t like to; it’s just not feasible, as that would let the monster enter my field of vision (the pain).  So I soldier on with a positive attitude, open heart and eyes and make the best of what I’ve got.  What would you do?

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