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Riding the wave of life are Cris Rogers and his wife Brenda Rogers – and doing our best to love every minute of it.   We are inhabiting a small chunk of space in a bedroom community near Raleigh, NC and couldn’t be happier with that.  Although no human kids are running around, we still get our exercise from 4 dogs – an English Mastiff, a Great Dane and two Golden Retrievers.

[Update] we’re still getting exercise, just with an Hagrid the English Mastiff,  a Great Dane named Winston and a new Dane Puppy to be knighted Kosmo.  The Pets section can update further.

Click on “Latest Posts” to read the musings of the mr. rogers neighborhood.

The Gallery has our pictures from the pets and hobbies that are a part of the family.  Explore the rest of the site as you see fit.

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